• About Randall Kitchen

    About Randall Kitchen

    I am a therapist particularly trained for the last 15 yrs. in emotionally focused couples and relationship therapy. I use a collaborative approach where we work together as a team to decrease and eliminate symptoms and issues to achieve your goals and live a happier and successful life. Sessions are structured and solution-focused, so we can create a continual momentum of progress.

    As an addiction certified therapist, many of my clients also come to me seeking help with addiction and impulsivity related problems. My work is rooted in over 25 yrs. of experience offering options to people self-medicating with alcohol, drugs, or other destructive behaviors. I work with each person individually to address his/her issues and help create a unique, personal program of recovery.

    I follow the latest research, and my process involves Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Assertiveness Training, Motivational Interviewing, and other applicable techniques. I give all of my clients sincere and personal attention, and can contact me by phone, email, or text, if needed between appointments. During these times, I conduct all sessions remotely online and am available wherever you are located. Therapy is a joint process between therapist and client, and one I honor and respect. I value the relationships it affords.